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I've taken a short break from world travel, and I'm currently in the USA looking for a fun spirited group to work with.

9 Countries we backpacked in 2016...not nearly enough

Video editing by Nash Woods

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Big Savings in Small Town USA
Weatherford, OK - April 5, 2006

How One Client Saved $11,890.00/Per Year In Just One Day

Mom and pop shop found to be paying $12,000 dollars per year for website hosting. Just HOSTING. That didn't include advertising costs or support.

Mike jumped into action! He reviewed the account needs and discovered that they could move to a shared server and save a wad of cash!

The day was saved! Along with $11,890 per year!


If you would like to perform a code review, please inquire.

S. Cohen Fine Art Redesignmore_vert

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S. Cohen Fine Art Redesignclose

Solomon Cohen is a dear friend of mine. As a master artist, he is able to restore and appraise million dollar paintings from around the world.

Technology stack: AngularJS, Animate.css, jQuery

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English Pupilmore_vert

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Work in progress. This site will facilitate online teaching. It will compete with current leading providers by offerring diverse services and a slightly cheaper cost to students.

Technology stack: AngularJS, Firebase, webRTC for video conferencing, moment.js, MaterializeCSS, jQuery

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I am also a Wemore_vert

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I am also a Weclose

Launched August 8, 1:20 am. In the first 12 hours 220 users had signed up. This is a fansite for the Netflix series sense8.

Technology stack: AngularJS, Firebase, moment.js, MaterializeCSS, jQuery

New stack will be based on: Ionic to enable swift transitions to native mobile applications.

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Work in progress. This site is a job board for teaching positions in Thailand. It will compete with current leading job boards by providing a dramatically more interactive end user experience and cheaper costs for agencies/schools.

Technology stack: AngularJS, Firebase, moment.js, MaterializeCSS, jQuery

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Map Mavericksmore_vert

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Personal Travel Blog

When they ask, "How was your weekend?" What are YOU going to say?

On March 23rd 2015 we left the daily grind for a life adventure. We find friends, opportunities and joy as we travel. There’s something about travel that you can’t get while you’re settled down. It’s freedom of choice. When you’re not tied down to ‘stuff’ you have the ability to move in any direction to wherever, whenever. It’s the most amazing feeling.

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Mike Ferrari

Left to right: Me, Miguel, Thomas. We were in Bangkok at the train station, on our way out of Thailand

fun fact: I've written about 4,000 lines of JavaScript in 4 months, not including all the html and css.

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